Leaving is Not Easy, But I’m Worth More

Felicia Huffman
5 min readApr 27
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More than anything I’d love to make a living from my writing and my crafting, but I’m not there yet. The ghost writing work wasn’t paying the bills, so I had to get a different job. I’m not the best people person, but I can fake it for a few hours a day. (Or at least do my best.)

Since November of last year I’ve been working at a gym. I won’t say the name because they might get their feelings hurt. Once I leave this place, I may share the name of the place.

I want to start by saying this hasn’t been a horrible place to work for. It’s been fairly simple and straightforward. As with any customer service job, you have stupid people to deal with, but even the members aren’t that bad most of the time.

I have a number of stories from this place, but I want to share what has made me decide to leave. When I was hired I was told the company likes to promote from within. My manager had even worked his way up from overnight cleaner to GM in just six short months or so. The starting pay wasn’t great, but they promised raises once a month for the first three months, and then every 90 days after that. Sounds great, right?

Wrong. I’ve not seen half the raises I was supposed to get, but that’s not why we’re here today.

About three months in I applied to be the assistant manager after the old one left. At that time we were supposed to have two, and our second one said I’d be a good fit. I knew everything and I did my job well. Foolishly, I assumed it would just be a decision the GM would make with the regional director to promote me. Nope, had to apply and do two rounds of interviews. But I figured I was the only one applying so how hard would that be. We didn’t have that many people working here at that time who would be interested in moving up in the company.

Well, there was a part timer (from here on out known as FPT) who decided to apply as well. No problem, the AGM we still had was moving to a new club so we’d need two anyways, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Now maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but based on experience alone, I was more qualified than the part timer. He had only been working here for a little over a month before applying. I had helped train him only weeks previously. However, he was chosen to go…

Felicia Huffman

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