Katherine Knight

Felicia Huffman
13 min readNov 22, 2020

What drives a person to kill somebody, much less cook them and eat them, remains a mystery to most of us? We’ve heard of crimes of passion where people just lose and kill the one they love, but what Katherine Knight did is unspeakable. Not only did she kill her boyfriend, but she cooked him into a stew and fed it to his children. Their relationship was far from good, but what could have driven her to do such a thing?

Katherine was born on October 5, 1955, in New South Wales, and from the moment she was born, it would seem as though the world was out to get her. Katherine was the result of an affair between Barbara Roughan and Ken Knight. Roughan had four sons, and she met Knight through her husband. Their conservative town was absolutely mortified by this affair.

Ken was a nightmare of a father and husband. He was an alcoholic who repeatedly raped Barbara and brutally beat the family, using whatever he could get his hands on. Barbara often talked about the rapes with her children and told them how she hated men and sex. It has been reported that Katherine had also suffered sexual abuse by different family members, just not Ken, until around the age of 11. This is what would shape her disgust and distrust of men.

Her unstable home life turned Katherine into a school bully who often picked on children smaller than her. She even attacked a schoolmate with a knife and the teacher who stepped in ended up getting injured. At 15, she dropped out of school never having learned how to read or write, and started working at a clothing store.

A year later, Katherine got her dream job. A job at a slaughterhouse removing the organs of animals. Katherine enjoyed chopping up animals and working with the knives. In fact, she hung the first set of butcher knives she used over her bed. After all, you never know when one might need one. She felt it comforting to take a look at them before she went to bed.

After the childhood she had, it was pretty hard to have a healthy view of sex and relationships. But it didn’t stop Katherine from trying to find love, or maybe she was just looking for a target for her anger. Katherine met David Kellett, a co-worker, in 1973. They were soon dating, and she quickly gained control over the relationship and dominated David in every way imaginable. David would often get into bar…

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